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The Visit to Massapequa

Originally Posted 1-29-09

Now, with the holiday season behind them, Central Perk is able give the U.S. its proper post-9/11 tribute: a very large American flag.

Simple, to the point.

It doesn't last very long.

Oh well. I mean, it's been four months. It's kind of a long time to tribute something that may not have happened in this universe.

This block of episodes has shown the most progress in Rachel's pregnancy.

She goes from the "able to wear a go-go dress" stage, which is actually less visibly pregnant than in earlier episodes...

...straight to the "hey look, I can balance a can of Hansen's kiwi strawberry juice on my belly" pregnant. This was just one episode after being able to wear the go-go dress. And then gradually bigger...


...the costume designers just have Aniston stuff a volleyball in her blouse and call it a day. There probably isn't a pregnancy suit that portrays 10-months pregnant readily available. Really, I doubt anyone knows what 10-months pregnant actually looks like. She still has another two months to go. This kid's going to be twenty pounds.

I have to really wonder about Chandler. He moved in with Monica nearly three years earlier. Before that, he lived there briefly with Joey after winning the apartment in a bet. Aside from that, he has been close friends with the apartment's inhabitants for we don't know how long; over eight years that we know of.

In all of that time, he has only now questioned what was in the hall closet. I worry about people who don't question their surroundings. I'm all for going with the flow, but this goes far beyond that.

If there were a totalitarian takeover, and people were whisked away to secret prisons, he would be the last person to be arrested. He wouldn't question why there were secret prisons, as long as he could get to work every day and make his sarcastic remarks, there's no reason to cause waves.

Don't worry, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross will be back from their government mandated vacation before you know it or realize what's really going on.

Here's a problem with watching the episodes without taking any notes, and then waiting a week and a half later to write about them is that sometimes I take screen shots, and I forget why.

I forgot what I was going to say about Ross' sinking ship of a relationship with Mona, but I bet it was snarky.

It is interesting to consider what would have happened if she ended up with Joey and not Ross. Ross would have been more available to start a relationship with Rachel once he learned that she was having his baby. Joey would have started something with Mona. And though it wouldn't have lasted very long, it may have saved us all from the "Joey loves Rachel" storyline.

It would have been better for us, but I guess that would have cut the series by a season or two.

Alec Baldwin makes a hilarious turn as Parker, Phoebe's boyfriend, in a non-sweeps two-episode arc. I probably say it's hilarious because since 30 Rock, it's once again cool to like Alec Baldwin, even if he does leave a message for his daughter in which he calls her a selfish little pig.

By the way, if I'm ever acting like a selfish little pig, I'd expect my parents to call me on it. If they can't call me on it, who can? Who's the jerk that made that message public? That person is also a selfish little pig.

It's funny seeing Parker and Rachel talking, knowing that within eight years, these to actors' characters will eventually sleep together in another Thursday night NBC show.

Parker is invited to Ross and Monica's parents' 35th anniversary party on Long Island. A town called Massapequa. The overexcited Parker says he's never been to Massapequa, but he loves the sound of the name. Baldwin is actually from Massapequa. See? It's funny.

Some people call Massapequa "Matzah-pizza" because most of the people there are either Jewish or Italian. That's actually true with a lot of Long Island, however, I don't think it's the case with the Baldwin brothers, so I don't know why I bring it up.

The original plan was that they were all going to drive, taking the same car, to Long Island to this party. In what car? Monica's Porsche? Or does someone have a minivan that gets even less conversation time as Monica's Porsche?

Either way, Ross and Rachel decide to hang back to avoid the car ride with Parker. They say they're going to take a cab. Seriously, that cab fare would be exorbitant. Dude, take the subway up to Penn Station and take the LIRR out. You people are having a baby. Save the money for the baby.

Here's a storyline that I just came up with. Someone sees this random party guest (the blue shirt) and has a "wait, is that Tag?" moment. That person realizes that it isn't, but then tells another character that he/she thought that he looked like Tag. Character #2 doesn't see it at all. They argue over it. Not over if he is Tag, but if he looks like Tag. Eventually gets involved, and it turns out to be his cousin...or someone who has no idea who Tag is.

Actually, that's kind of a pretty post-modern sitcom storyline. Something you'd see on The Office, similar to the recent episode where everyone argues over whether or not Hilary Swank is hot.

At the very least, someone could have said to Rachel, in passing, "Hey, that guy kind of looks like Tag."

Because he really does kind of look like Tag.

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