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St. Patty's Day and Father's Day

Originally Posted 6-5-08

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Why am I wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day in June?

Well, I figured if Friends can show us the Empire State Building lit up for St. Patrick’s Day in early April, then all bets are off.

Snapple got a lot of play in Season One, but it hasn’t been seen since. There were a few instances where I thought I saw someone drinking Snapple, but I couldn’t quite confirm it. Finally, Monica is seen cracking open a bottle of Kiwi Strawberry. It used to Ross that was really into Snapple, but I guess he got over that.

Chandler, on the other hand, seems to be in the midst of a serious Yoo-hoo kick.

Mind you, this is in the span of two episodes, and this was not all of it either. If you notice, two of these bottles were consumed while he was wearing the same outfit, yet taken in two different settings. He had two bottles that day.

Also, notice that he was seen in two separate instances drinking Yoo-hoo in Central Perk. I suppose it’s possible that Central Perk sells bottled beverages not brewed or made by Gunther and crew. However, I’ve never noticed anybody consuming any prepackaged brand name items in that place. Central Perk breaks that trend and starts off by bringing in shipments of Yoo-hoo? That’s the first thing they bring in?

It’s either that, or they allowed Chandler to come in with an outside drink. What kind of coffeehouse is this where you’re allowed to bring in your own drink?

What kind of person goes into coffeehouse, twice, with an outside drink without any hesitation or guilt?

Chandler, I’ve argued before, was raised in a barn. His friends have just resigned to this fact that they don’t care that he’s sitting on the counter instead of joining them at the table in the empty chair. And how is Monica okay with this?

Phoebe is eating straight from the Cereal box. I’ve capitalized that, since, apparently, Cereal is a brand name. Yes, it’s written in the Cap’n Crunch font, but it’s not Cap’n Crunch, it’s Cereal. I don’t know how Monica isn’t freaking out about someone eating straight out of the box. Monica’s neuroses are not consistent.

Neither are her phones.

This is the second model of phone seen in Apartment 20 this season. Luckily, it’s the end of the season, otherwise we would need to see a third one because Phoebe breaks this one.

So, we’ll see what happens in the fall. We shouldn’t expect to see their curvy-backed phone again, since they seemed to have sent that model to the woman out in the Hamptons who turned out to be Phoebe’s mother, played by Teri Garr.

Speaking of sending phones to the Hamptons, the house where everyone is staying has the same phone from Season One.

Would it kill them to get someone on staff to keep this sort of thing straight?

Kevin McDonald guest starred one episode. Despite being a huge fan of the Kids in the Hall, I didn’t think the appearance was very noteworthy. I liked how his name appeared on the screen of the ending credits when he was on. I like when things like this happen accidentally.

It happens in the beginning of The Goonies for Kerri Green. Quick aside, I’ve always considered Kerri Green as an earlier Jenny Lewis—only Lewis went on to have a musical career, but before that.

And, it happens for the bus driver in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Squint. Her name’s in there.

Is it me, or is this extra flashing some coin slot? This was a few years before low-rise pants became what they are today. Nowadays, I can wake up on any given morning with the knowledge that I’m likely see at least one butt crack. This fact is kind of upsetting, now that I’m considering it. I mean, remember when we used to make fun of plumbers? Plumbers do it, and it’s gross. Women do it, and it’s supposedly hot? Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense to me.

This was the ‘90s. Butt cracks were rarely seen. This girl’s showing the world.

Or maybe it’s a tag or some thread. I can’t really tell.

Despite being out of office for over two years, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo’s campaign poster is still up. You’d think someone would have taken this down already. It seems to be in pretty good shape. It must never rain on that wall.

In the realm of other guest star fun:

Ben Stiller plays Rachel’s date.

In the next episode, Stiller’s now-real-life wife plays Ross’s girlfriend. This was before they got married. I don’t know if they were dating at the time, but it’s funny that they would appear in consecutive episodes like that.

What’s interesting about Taylor’s character is that Rachel convinces her to shave her head. Taylor’s character in The Craft lost her hair. I don’t know why I know that. I think when I was a teen in the mid-‘90s, I had a lot of female friends who thought / wished they were witches.

For what seems to be absolutely no reason whatsoever, one episode opens with a Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. If you go to the trivia section of this episode on IMDb, you learn that the two of them:

“were by coincidence in the same building, or the one across the street from where Friends is shot, and the writers asked if they wanted to make a guest appearance. This was the day of shooting so it was just quickly thrown in.”

What the trivia section of this episode on IMDb doesn’t tell you is that this particular episode just so happened to air the night before Father’s Day, starring Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, opened. C’mon, IMDb, be straight with us. I buy your story to a degree; they probably were nearby in another Warner Bros. building since their movie was coming out in weeks. However, IMDb, we’re all adults, so you can give it to us straight. We know the truth about Santa Claus and Deep Throat, tell us the whole truth about their out of place appearance on a sitcom.

“Billy Crystal and Robin Williams appeared to promote their crapfest Father’s Day, which opened the day after this episode aired and didn’t break $36 million in the box office worldwide, yet cost $85 million to make.”

I mean, I took all of that information from you, IMDb. I’m better at cross-referencing you than you are.

I think my main mistakes here are that I’m assuming that IMDb is a self-aware being, and I’m assuming that anyone has ever thought of Father’s Day since, say, 1998.

Interestingly enough, or uninterestingly enough, I saw the movie that this was based on, Les Compères in High School French class. Gerard Depardieu was one of the main guys. Don’t ask me if Crystal or Williams played his part.

On a much lighter note, it appears that Chandler works with the guy who plays Marshall Darling, the father in Clarissa Explains It All. He used to play an architect, but now he plays someone that does whatever it is that Chandler does.

Monica’s skirt is outright naughty. It’s got a prominent zipper in the front that goes all the way down. You can undo that zipper like you would undo a zipper to a jacket. Forget about low-rise pants, if women went around wearing prominent-all-the-way-down-zippered skirts, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

As always, the special features are lumped in at the end of the season. This season had something called “What’s Up With the Friends.” This turned out to be almost identical to a feature on Season Two.

Gunther does a quick introduction, and then you’re able to access a montage of clips, sorted by character.

Every season has also had a quiz. Each season has had a different “prize” for doing well. I, of course, do well on these quizzes. If I’m able to notice Chandler’s Yoo-hoo binge, then I’m able to tell you the name of the girl at the copy shop.

Season One gave me a screen that says, “Congratulations! You really are a good Friend!” It didn’t even take into account that I am always willing to give people rides to the airport.

Season Two gave me what I guess could be considered an Easter egg. It was Phoebe’s complete Smelly Cat music video.

Season Three was a bit different. You, the viewer, have a mission. Suspended in the aquamarine colored Manhattan sky is a heart broken in two. Ross is on one half, Rachel on the other. If you answer correctly, the two pieces move closer. If you answer incorrectly, the move further apart. I was able to get them together, and I was rewarded with the sight of the complete heart along with fireworks sound effects.

I kind of wonder what happens if you don’t get them together. Would Netflix send me an alternate universe version of Friends?

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