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Taking a Break...From Being Fun for Me

Originally Posted 5-28-08

While I try to steer clear of plot points, it would be hard not to mention the elephant in this living room. Ross & Rachel “take a break,” and Ross sleeps with the copy shop clerk who is played by the same actress who ditched Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer. I suppose the high drama does a good job of pushing the storylines along. It’s less fun for me though.

I do notice that the person who designed the set probably hasn’t spent a single day working at a copy shop. I feel like there’s no reason to display the different colors behind the counter like that. A simple sample book can be shown to customers displaying all of the stock colors that are available. That back wall can be used for something else, like a price list of services. Walking in to this store, I wouldn’t know if they do oversized copies. Instead, I know some of the colors available.

Also, there seems to be no rhyme, reason, or order to the way the stock is, well, stocked. There is a lot of goldenrod. This makes sense. I’d say goldenrod is one of the more popular colors. However, you have one stack of it in the upper left-hand corner. Then in the bottom shelf, there’s some thrown on top of some canary, which is on top of some white, which is on top of more canary. Why would you even put the white with the color paper? There’s more goldenrod, but it’s on the bottom of some ivory. Why?

I do, however, have to laud them for proudly displaying the ultra lime, on the top shelf, between the goldenrod and the green.

The company I worked for carried the ultra lime, but didn’t include it in the sample book. I’m not sure if we started carrying it after the book was made, or what the story was there, but when people wanted an assortment of bright colors for their fliers, they were left in the dark. They got the ultra lemon, which was a no-brainer. I took it as a personal mission to go through the trouble of showing the customers the ultra lime. Look the ultra lime is no ultra lemon, but it’s certainly brighter and more attention grabbing than orange.

Speaking of attention grabbing, if I were to be part of the committee that named colors for a paper company, and we made the same color as Ross’s shirt, I’d nominate the name to be ‘Grimace,’ after the McDonaldland character. They would probably just end up going with ‘purple.’ I don’t think ‘purple’ tells the whole story, though. Even ‘purple is punching you in the throat,’ is better.

Joey’s sweater would by ‘Cosby.’ However, I would not want to work for a paper company that made this pattern readily available. Nor would I want to work for a sweater firm that did the same.

Sherilyn Fenn plays Chandler’s girlfriend for an episode, and her name is listed as a ‘Special Guest,’ and not some regular run of the mill guest. I’m not sure why. Is Sherilyn Fenn that big of a star? Was she? I know her because she was on Twin Peaks, and I was the only sixth-grader in my school that was obsessed with that show. Other than that, there’s nothing really to warrant anything special.

It’s not like she played Dottie in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

E.G. Daly has a lengthy career as an actress, voice actress and musician. She should get the ‘special’ treatment, if you ask me. She did, so I don’t know what my point is.

Elsewhere, Chandler’s a bit of a prick. He’s in Central Perk, not being able to cope with Ross & Rachel's breakup, so he falls back on an old habit: smoking. Gunther tells him to put it out. Instead of taking it outside, he tells Gunther that he’ll just finish that cigarette. That’s kind of a dick move. I think smoking was still legal in coffeehouses in New York State, but Central Park seems to have its on policy that isn’t enforced very strongly.

Gunther, the voice of authority for Central Perk since Max Wright disappeared early Season Two, buckles under the wiles of Sweet Lady Nicotine tells Chandler that if he lets him have a drag, then—and only then—will he allow him to finish the cigarette. How does he repay Gunther?

He lights up right there. Look, Chandler, all of America took the breakup badly, but that doesn’t give you the right to disrespect Gunther like that.

I guess we should give Chandler, because he was a Mac person back when only artists were Mac people.

Wait a minute. He got a laptop last season, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a Mac. Come to think about it, we haven’t seen that thing in a while. Why would a character who doesn’t own a Mac want to read Macworld? Maybe he’s thinking of getting a Mac. We’ll see if he gets a Mac in the near future.

I have a hard time believing, even though it’s an Bloomingdale’s office, they have a bunch of big brown bags, labeled so, just hanging around. Just because it’s the company’s shopping bag, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the office would be well stocked with them. I can understand a few lying around, but why would they have a specific hook for them. Why not have a hook for little or medium brown bags?

A pre-That 70s Show Debra Jo Rupp is introduced as Phoebe’s soon to be half-sister-in-law.

And Jon Favreau plays Monica’s super-rich boyfriend. Despite all of his money, she doesn’t find him money.

Yeah, like I said. There’s so much “drama” going on that there’s very little fun for me. I hope this picks back up.

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