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Ross & Rachel Angers the Gods

Originally Posted 5-7-08

The New York skies have gone blood red with anger. ANGER!

Why would the gods be so P.O.ed that they would turn gotham’s heavens to such a hue?

It may be because of the Ross and Rachel tryst. Not just because they’re doing it all of the time, but because the fact that they’re doing it inappropriately. Here they are, about to do it at Hayden Planetarium. Hey, don’t get me wrong. If you have access to a planetarium after-hours, I’m all for using it however you’d like. I can see the benefits of being able to boast that you’ve done it in a planetarium.

However, after the planetarium, Ross and Rachel—or Rochel, if they were a modern-day celebrity couple—take the party to the Australopithecus display.

Again, that’s fine. Except they wake up the next morning to find themselves, naked, under a fur being ogled by Catholic schoolchildren.

How does Ross manage to keep his job after befouling the Australopithecus display that he was called in to fix? The inappropriateness doesn’t end there.

Rachel serves Monica a coffee, and then sits on Ross’s lap. Why hasn't Central Perk fired her yet and how does this business stay open?

I’m pretty sure Rachel isn’t working here, but this is still a really weird thing to do in public. This is a full on snuggle, with a leg across the others’ lap. Is Ross sleeping? What the hell? They’re not only in public, but they’re in the place where Rachel works. Consider going to your workplace with your significant other, and getting in this position in clear view of everyone. That’s weird.

They’re not just about making strangers and co-workers feeling uncomfortable. A bunch of them were hanging out in the kitchen when Ross enters.

Very little is said before the two of them literally rush into Rachel’s bedroom, in front of everyone, clear as day that they’re about to do it. Ross doesn’t even take his coat off when he enters the apartment.

I’m not trying to come off as puritanical here, but they need to be more polite. Ross needs to take his coat off, sit down, and chat with everyone. Then, after five minutes or so, Rachel says something like, “Oh Ross, I wanted to show you that thing I was telling you about.” "Oh right," he would answer. "That thing." Then they have an excuse to leave and go into Rachel’s room. Then they could do it like bunnies. Yes, everyone still knows what they will be doing in there, but this way seems more polite.

Monica and Rachel have an interesting household agreement. Communal condoms.

Kind of like how my roommate and I share the milk. It’s there in the fridge for whenever we need it, and we depend on the honor system in terms of whose turn is to replace it. It’s not a perfect system, but I don't think there is a such a thing with this.

I’ve never done this with condoms with a roommate, mainly because I don’t need to know how much and when my roommate is having sex. I also don’t like this because I don’t need any of my roommates to know how much sex I’m having, and I assume no one wants to know anyway. I am in favor of before the fact condom-lending, but that’s different.

Besides the privacy issue, if you have a communal condom system, then you have to keep the condoms in a communal area. In this instance, they keep their condoms in the bathroom, which means one has to leave the bedroom to go to the bathroom, which means throwing clothes on and hoping no one is in the living room or taking a shower. This all seems very inconvenient.

At this point, the show is able to afford some names for multi-episode characters—ya know, characters with arcs. Not exactly reoccurring characters, because they show up at random times, but characters who show up for a few episodes and then disappear. What’s the name for that? Anyway, Adam Goldberg shows up as Chandler’s roommate when Joey moves out temporarily. At the time, Goldberg had been around for a while. Most notably, he was Mike in Dazed & Confused, the character who coins the phrase “neo-McCarthyism.” "Neo-McCarthyism," Anthony Rapp's character repeats to himself. "I like that."

In looking at his filmography, he had an arc on Joey as well, playing a different character. Yeah, I don’t approve. It’s still the Friends universe. You would think Joey would recognize him as the guy who lived with Chandler.

The show was also able to rope in Tom Selleck to play Monica’s boyfriend, who is also her father’s friend. I guess this is impressive.

So to review, Monica is dating her father’s friend, and Ross is dating Monica’s friend.

This is Rachel’s tattoo, the day she got it. Shouldn’t it be covered, or at least, gross and scabby? Yes, of course. She should also be applying the salves and ointments liberally.

So, when Joey left Chandler’s apartment, the furniture he had just bought was removed, to show that he was out. That, apparently, included the giant microwave. The giant microwave was Joey’s? I would have thought that it was Chandler’s, since he was the breadwinner.

The six-pack of Pilsner Urquell, apparently, is Chandler’s. This comes as no surprise. He may even plan to drink it at room temperature, like they do in the Czech Republic. Or maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to putting it in the fridge, yet.

Our friends aren’t the only ones who spend a lot of time at Central Perk. Apparently, Mr. Ponytail needs his regular dosage of Gunther as well. I don’t know if the show recycles its extras like this. I just noticed this guy because of his ponytail, and then I recognized him in a later episode. He’s wearing a similar, but not quite the same shirt, too.

Speaking of which, Joey had a lengthy conversation with Gunther. This marks his second episode in which he had lines.

Interesting piece of Friends prehistory—Monica went to her prom with Donkeylips from Salute Your Shorts.

I was going to stop making fun of what characters were wearing. I mean that gets a little stale after a while, right?

Yeah, well, the guy who Joey gets his new apartment from was having a party and decided that this was the shirt that all of his friends and colleagues should see him in.

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